About Intelory

Intelory provides internet of things and cloud-based analytics solutions for intelligent remote monitoring and control of industrial and commercial devices

Who we are
We are a passionate group of engineers using the Internet of Things to develop innovative solutions for the era of Industry 4.0. Our team has expertise in Software Development, Data Science, Operational Technology and Industrial Engineering.

What we do
We combine industrial hardware, wireless connectivity, cloud and edge computing, advanced analytics and optimization algorithms to connect industrial and commercial assets to the cloud and provide intelligent remote monitoring and control solutions.

Why we do it
We started Intelory to actively engage in the next industrial revolution which is marked by a fusion of the physical and digital worlds. We strongly believe this will lead to a more efficient use of resources and better consumer experiences through connected and intelligent machines and operations.

Innovation is our passion and teamwork is how we achieve it.

We work as one team and support each other in a family atmosphere. We use the latest technologies and develop innovative products to maximize the performance of the systems which we connect.

We invest in our future through education.

We want to make a difference in our communities by providing continuous learning and world-class career opportunities for young professionals in the field of technology. We invest in mentoring, coaching and educating students and graduates with an affinity in technology and innovation. Interested in a common project? We would love to hear from you.